Finally. A true roleplay experience delivered to Garry's Mod. Be who you're meant to be in the City of Maze

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Perhaps you will take the path of a valiant paramedic in the growing force of Maze County Emergency Medical Services. You can learn to treat and save lives as well as keeping the citizens safe.

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Maze is more than just a gamemode in Garry’s Mod; It’s a large family of different people from all over the world. The mazerpRP Forum is a huge part of this, it’s used for everything: meeting new players, appying for new jobs, suggesting new features, feedback for the gamemode and commmunity, and tons more!

What Seperates us from them

MazeRP is a strict RP server. The server is strictly Whitelist only. To get whitelist a player must be 16+, have a working mic and fluent english, be able to understand all of the rules, and pass an interview.

As seen on

MazeRP has been featured on many Youtube channels and twitch streams. From Lirik, Argyle Alligator, PsiSyndicate, Speirs, DevilDogGamer, and many more! mazerpRP is a perfect place to film unique and everchanging content that is entertaining to film and unlinke any other Garry’s Mod content.


MazeRP is constantly being developed. The team consists of many different people who have a true passion to fixing, improving, and maintaining mazerp. From new jobs, features, models, graphics, everything in mazerp is custom and originated here.

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Taking care of the people in Maze

The Maze County EMS Department is comprised of trained and professional EMTs and Paramedics with years of medical experience. Providing prompt aid to any injury, our medics are available to serve the citizens of mazerp at a moments notice. Visit the mazerp Medical Center for more information or to learn how you can be a member of the department.

Keeping the city clean, show off authority

Through hours of training, both in the classroom and in the field, the Maze Police Department is the best of the best. Officers patrol the streets and responds to your 911 calls while SWAT handles the big guns. Internal Affairs deals with those who don't make the cut and the Troopers of the mazerp State Police protect the highways of the county. Issues within the city ranging from the average traffic violation to the most heinous of crimes are dealt with professionally, swiftly, and with the safety of the public in mind. Regardless of the circumstances, the boys in blue will be there to protect and serve. Swing by your local precinct for more information or to learn how you can get involved.

Become a criminal

With our state of the art methamphetamine cooking and marijuana growing systems you are able to become the Heisenberg of your time. You are able to run a successful drug kingpin and be the leader of your own gang. Whether you choose to venture into the world of drugs solo or in a team. Fending for yourself is key as there is the inevitability of a clash with the law.


Medical interface

MazeRP is taking into account that nobody is immortal, experience the realism at its finest by keeping in track if your body is either dehydrated, starved or fatigued. In order to involve the magnificent effect of life to mazerp, we include a system of six different sectors: Your arms, legs, torso and head. Nobody is immortal, keeping yourself away from food or drinks will ensure you will end up dug down deep in the grave. And remember, try not to get stabbed or shot or else you will bleed out to death.


Maze uses a crafting system which allows guns and other items to be created using materials bought from in and around mazerp. This allows players to craft weapons which can then be sold to other players or used by the creator in order to defend themselves or to become a hardened criminal. The guns crafted are able to be sold at the price of the players choice, this allows mazerp' economy to be run by the players.


In Maze, you are immersed into a unique character which can craft items designed to fit theirs appeal. You can become a professional coffee shop owner or a whole restaurant chain owner, but you can make your way into the mazerp underground by cultivating cannabis, or dig in deeper with the chemical meth process.

Police System

Maze uses a police system where all criminal records are logged. This being; warrants, tickets, license warning and previous arrests. This system allows those in the mazerp Police Department to keep track of the criminals of mazerp. This means that the citizens of Maze are not safe from The mazerp Police Department. They are being watched and their actions are being logged. This stops people who have recently broke the law from joining governmental departments as well as allowing SPD to carry out search warrants.


Our gamemode offers the finest gambling experience; if one’s not interested in working hard to earn their share, then gambling in the casino will be a blossom decision. The casino offers different varieties of gambling games! Such as poker, blackjack, and wheel of fortune as well. Hence, stay poor in the city of Maze is not an option. Fulfill your dreams of becoming the richest individual in mazerp by experiencing the joyful euphoria of the casino and by earning money at the same time.


What our citizens say

“ Maze is one of the few places the true you can come out. I found out the true me loves meth and killing people! ”
“ The definitive Garry's Mod roleplay experience. ”
“ MazeRP the only place where owning a business really feels like owning a business. ”
“ Maze made all my dreams come true, everyone of them.. ”
Argyle Alligator
“ The most advanced and refined RP experience for GMod. ”
Twitch Streamer